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This full crash course is based on the neuro-science backed understanding that 95% of our reality is created by our subconscious and only 5% by our conscious, rational mind.

By using various tools, you begin to consciously ally with your subconscious, with 95% of your potential, and to raise the vibration of your frequency field so that, as conscious co-creator of your reality, you can live the life you love.

This 21-day step-by-step online coaching program is designed so that after 21 days your belief system is completely updated, having transformaed limiting patters into creative ones and your frequency is tuned into happiness and success, just like you will define your ideal and fulfilled life!


You will be guided step by step every day with clear instructions (21 modules with video + workbook + guided meditations) so that you only need to implement it. It requires a total of around 1.5 hours of attention per day from you (the actually timing of the various tools is totally up to you, you get a calendar proposal and an empty calendar to fill out regarding your personal needs & schedule)

In this online coaching course “Quantum Leap Formula PLUS” you will be personally accompanied by me as your Quantum Coach through this process. You have the opportunity during these 21 days to get in touch with me and to discuss and resolve any questions and blockages with me directly.

In the PLUS package you also have 3 x 1:1 "Quantum-Neuro-Shifting" sessions with me over the phone, in which we track down the root of the chain of self doubt & self-sabotage in your energy field. With the new and exclusively unique "Quantum-Neuro-Shifting" Method, you will advance in one hour more than in one month with traditional methods.



The "Quantum Leap Formula" is based on very profound and scientific principles. It is based on the discoveries of quantum physics and the quantum model of reality, which says that the outside world is an extension of the mind and a change in the belief system automatically affects the outside world! We are living in a holographic universe. We work with methods based on quantum physical laws and advanced neuro-scientific research.

This course combines the “best of the best” from 20 years of consciousness research and grants reliable access to your subconscious as well as neural reprogramming and offers the possibility of deepest transformation on a vaibrational level and the creation of a new identity as a conscious co-creator of your reality.

Quantum Leap Formula PLUS - Tools

TOOL 1: Daily alignment "Tuning In"  (5 min)

TOOL 2: "Ascension Key" (22 min guided visualization meditation)

TOOL 3: Release old blocks & create new, creative beliefs   (15min)

TOOL 4: Liberate Space with Feng Shui (25 - 40 min)

TOOL 5: Neuron synchronization in the brain (3 x 3 min)

TOOL 6: Quantum-Neuro-Shifting Sessions (3 x 1:1 session of 30 min each)

TOOL 7: 21 days of 1:1 personal  guidance & support for anything which you may need!  


The guided meditation “Ascension Key” is INCLUDED in the online course.